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Dear Fabulous Mommies,

Last year, we had a 6th birthday party for my oldest daughter – she’s 7 now. With two other little ones in the house, I would have paid anything for someone else to do the work (okay, maybe not anything! . One day there will be a Cathy’s Cooking Party instructor near you and she’ll do it all – the games, the preparation, decorations, goodie bags, the entertainment, and the clean up! One day, when the insurance becomes more affordable, I want to turn this dream into a reality. For today, I’m happy to post the ideas, and shopping lists here for all my Fabulous Mommies. Oh – and the invitations.

This can be worked for ages 3 and up. If you try this idea, please drop a note with any changes or ideas that you used!


Dishes to Cook

  1. Individual pizzas
  2. Chocolate Cake
  3. Salad on a Stick


  • create their own salad on a stick
  • create their own pizzas
  • paint their apron
  • decorate their own cake


  • Marshmallow Soccer
  • Really Awful Relay


1. Print the printables page below. Make up invitations with birthday child.

2. Send/ deliver invites two weeks in advance.

3. Take printable (below) shopping list out, up to one week in advance.

4. Instructions for Party can be found on page linked below, as well as another copy of game instructions.

5. Really Awful Relay: have a bowl of cut up awful veggies for each team(like potatoes, onions, spiky imported fruit) at one end of living room. Have kids relay back and forth to see which team can be the first to get all the veggies back to the starting line – no hands of course! Give each team 2 sticks to work with. (chop sticks or bamboo skewers work well).

6. Marshmallow Soccer: Set up a table, add a line of masking tape length-wise down the table. Each child gets a straw, picks an opponent, and faces him/her across the table. The mini-marshmallow is placed at center line. One marshmallow per pair of contestants. The first one to get the marshmallow over the opponents table edge, wins! THE CATCH: you may not use hands or straw to TOUCH the marshmallow. The idea is to BLOW it across the table through the straw.

Printables: Invites/ Instructions

Well, that’s the tip for today, fabulous mommies. Now that I think about it, more birthday ideas are needed – that are easy!!! So we’ll archive them, and there’ll always be something that doesn’t cost a fortune from your pocket book or your sanity! Enjoy your party!


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