Easy Grilled Salmon

One of our favorite meals is this easy salmon.  Fish of any kind defrosts very well in the microwive, and it only takes minutes to cook.  If you’ve been around for awhile you know how much we enjoy our garlic!


  • 4 salmon fillets or steaks
  • 4 Tablespoons of real mayonnaise
  • 4 dashes of garlic powder (I don’t use garlic salt, but I suppose it wouldn’t hurt)

THAT my friends, is IT!

  1. I use my toaster oven,
  2. turn it on broiler,
  3. cover the tray with tin foil,
  4. lay out the salmon in a single layer, and
  5. spread each with one tablespoon of mayo.
  6. sprinkle with garlic.
  7. broil or grill for 3-4 minutes each side.  Do not overcook!

TIP:  fish is DONE when it is no longer translucent.

UNTIP:  check for done-ness by flaking apart with a fork.  Anyone have a more sophisticated approach?  (And don’t get me started on thermometers – I am death to thermometers – 10′s of them.)

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In 2007 Cathy's Hubby was diagnosed with celiac disease and Strawberries Are Gluten Free was born. The early days of SAGF are chock full of all the newly converted recipes. More recently the articles are trending to cool new products, events, local news and family tales.


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