Very Yummy Turkey

We had our Canadian Thanksgiving yesterday.  Happy Thanksgiving to us!  And we too have our election day today.  when hubby gets home from work today, We usually go to Elections Canada together and take turns sitting in the car with the girls so we can each go in and vote.  I think this will be my first time voting in our new City.  I wonder what the wait will be like?

Anyhow, the first time i tried to make a turkey without stuffing, I was a little lost.  Here’s some tips:

  • clean the thawed turkey outside and in
  • rub salt throughout the inside cavity and the outside skin (just a little if you are trying to lower your sodium intake)
  • Stuff huge pieces of celery, carrot, and an onion chopped in half into the cavity.
  • Place the turkey breast-side down into a roaster.
  • Add a cup of water to the bottom and any seasonings you like.  I think turkey tastes great just as is so I don’t season it at all.  Just salt and pepper.
  • Cover tightly.  If the roaster lid doesn’t fit, cover tightly with tin foil.    If the tin foil/ lid touches the surface of the turkey skin, then it may stick a little.  Although I don’t care if a bit tears off into the lid because we cut it up before it hits the table. If you serve the turkey whole to the table, then avoid any contact with the turkey skin while it roasts.
  • Roast first 45 minutes at 425°, until the outside is seared.  This keeps the juices from evaporating.
  • Then roast until done at 300° F.  Another 1/2 hour per pound, I think.
  • Remove veggies before serving.  Pureed, they can go into soup.  (albeit a high-fat soup)

Happy thanksgiving, peeps! 

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