Its February – STILL? Uggg

It’s HUMP month for me.

March I like because things start to get green, and spring is a-comin’.  January, is okay because its a fresh new year with potential. February, after pink day, is kinda boring.  There’s nothing to do!  It rains.  Its just plain DULL.  And I definitely don’t do dull.

Oh, and keeping the kids active becomes increasingly more difficult as the winter months wane on.  We only put the kids in one or two extra curricular activities out of principle.  We really believe that the time and space to think, imagine, and process is important.  And its important for adults too, but thats another conversation.

One of our girls really enjoys the Wii and that keeps her busy for hours after school.  Books are really entertaining and good for her too.

One daughter is busy with basketball, the telephone, and homework.

And my active middle little girl just gets bored.  We have craft supplies around here by the dump-truck full and that’s okay for awhile.  Oh – and MoonDough – LOVE it!! {Totally gluten free by the way}.

But keeping those little bodies busy after school and on weekends can be challenging.

What kinds of things do you do indoors?

A year ago we did a hopscotch pattern on the floor with masking tape – that worked pretty well.

  • hula hoops,
  • skipping ropes, and
  • exercise balls are fun too

Here’s a spring bingo download I found for you & your gang.

There’s some more kids activities available with my sponsor – Life Made Delicious.  They’ve partnered with Active Healthy Kids Canada.  I’m so glad to see a big brand take an interest.  And its because of consumer feedback – they have to care about what we care about, ya know?  And I’m all about getting behind brands that are listening!

Here’s to the last week of Hump Month!!

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In 2007 Cathy's Hubby was diagnosed with celiac disease and Strawberries Are Gluten Free was born. The early days of SAGF are chock full of all the newly converted recipes. More recently the articles are trending to cool new products, events, local news and family tales.


  1. YAYYYYY!!! February is almost OVER, and I can start planning my garden!!! watered all my dying, neglected plants yesterday and was reminded that spring IS coming… it’s just a matter of weeks now instead of months!!

  2. OH, yes! I completely agree!! esp now that I have my sun lamp and don’t feel sun-deprived anymore!! LOL Just because we get more sun in the winter, doesn’t mean we get to go out in it to feel it on our skin! We are wrapped in parkas and tuques and scarves!!! haha!! I remember going for runs over there in the winter! how NICE!!!!


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