Pancake Tuesday

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My husband came in this afternoon, announcing that he has a present for me!  Yay.  I adore presents.  I hint at them.  I leave suggestions for random gifts of love around the house.  I flat out ask for them.  A girl has to feel special.  I really dont care if its a tissue paper flower, or a single chocolate.  Its truly the thought that counts.  So my husband gets into the backseat of the car to pull out my present.

Yippee.  Presents! 

He comes in with 2 grocery bags full of stuff.  Cool.


Apparently its Pancake Tuesday.  This is the first time I’ve ever heard of such a thing.  But since I wasn’t planning on cooking supper tonight anyway, I’ll take it.

Pancake Tuesday, you ask?  Me too.  Apparently today is the day before Lent.  Lent is the event in Catholic/Anglican/liturgical religions that is the 40 days before the death of Jesus.  (Easter) And, apparently, preceding Lent, is Pancake Tuesday.

Yippee.  Pancakes.


“That is your present. I bought pancakes.”

Between you and me, I love the man.  I adore him.  I adore how he puts up with me.  I adore his neurosis and unshakable calm.   But pancakes?  

I suppose since it will take all of 30 seconds to make dinner, and we get strawberries & whipped cream on them, that counts.

Enjoy your pancake Tuesday, everyone!

PS – FYI my pancake recipe absolutely rocks but in the interest of full disclosure, we’re using Bob’s Red Mill Pancake Mix tonight.  I told you – 30 seconds.


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  1. YAY!! I LOOOOVE pancake Tuesday! we celebrated it each year when I was in the mission! once I heard about it, that is!! haha! We (i) would have all the singles over and we would eat pancakes til we were so sick of them we had to wait another year to have them again!! YUMMM!

  2. Bob’s red mill flour is good. I use it sometimes in hurry but most times I make my own flour.
    You have a wonderful informative blog.


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