How to use a Tortilla Warmer

So I have this giveaway going on for an entire Mexican Gift Basket, which includes this fabulous Tortilla Warmer:

{except the giveaway basket has ONE red bowl, not six as pictured}

And that cool red string-looking thing – that is a placemat – and they are so FUN with the yellow napkins.  Enter for the giveaway here!

So, how to use a Tortilla Warmer?

- place a dry paper towel in the bottom of it

- separate the tortillas and place them in the tortilla warmer.  There should be lots of room at the top of the container.

- These heating instructions are for the plastic tortilla warmers: microwave on high for corn tortillas: 1-4 @25 seconds; flour tortillas 1-4 @15 seconds.

- do not lift lid until ready to serve.  Watch for steam when lifting the lid.

- if there’s too much moisture and the tortillas are sticking to each other, add wax paper between each one

That’s it!

PS – for the terra cotta tortilla warmers you’ll need to quickly pan-fry each tortilla and add to the container, replacing the lid after each one.

The tortillas will keep warm for 30 minutes to one hour.

Good luck on the giveaway!

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