YES!  Strawberries are gluten-free!

The Taste Testers:

I am the cook for my family. We have three girls 11 and under. And my hubby who was diagnosed with Celiac Sprue 5 years ago.  We live in the lovely Vancouver Metro area in Canada.

The Diet:

We eat a variety of meats, starches, vegetables and fruits in season (mostly). The goal is not to eat $.50 meals, but to keep it reasonable at the end of the day. And I’m pretty dog-gone good at it. I think my hubby would shoot me if I told what I spend on groceries – ya know men and their money issues! But we are along the Canada Revenue guidelines of $200-$300 per person per month.

Criteria for Gluten Free Recipes on Strawberries:

  • have-on-hand ingredients
  • kid-friendly
  • include a variety – everybody seems to like something different so at least one or two people are happy at each meal. Although, smiles and thank you’s are necessary all around for this mom not to go on strike!
  • prepared in 1/2 hour or less
  • are not gourmet or fancy, unless I want them to be
  • promote balanced eating – not necessarily fat-free or sugar-free. Our focus is on making healthy choices more often than not. so you will find cakes, cookies, etc – because we love those choices too!

The Cook: Cathy Tibbles

For several years I posted on here 3 or 4 times per week.  Now that most of my meal repertoire is online, I post new recipes I’ve tried, new products I love, and the family chit chat.

I love to hear from you! So leave me a note through the contact form, or a comment on the recipes that you’ve tried! Love to hear how they turned out for you.