Setting Up Our Lifestyle Goals

I saw the Miracle Worker yesterday and we had an absolutely fantastic conversation.  We discussed in detail my new propension to be granola-y.  Every time I see her, it is like pushing a reset button.  This time, I was able to talk myself out of my current consumed-by-work mindset and put my health back on the plate.  (pun intended)

New Goals for This week:

  1. Cut out all obvious forms of sugar (ps – these replacements are not a long-term solution, just the first baby-step)
    • replace with dried fruit
    • plan 2 extra snacks so I don’t just grab whats available
    • eat 1/3 cup of almonds through out the day
    • artificially-sweetened candy
    • fresh home-made baking sweetened naturally
  2. note the satisfaction level of various foods on the family, and accommodate while we’re all adapting (ie: kids don’t eat enough grains when I serve brown rice, mike gets hungry when I don’t include enough protein-rich foods, carrots fill better than peas, etc)
  3. Plan, plan, plan for food and eating.

This is awfully reminiscent of our previous transition to the gluten-free diet.  I was at such a loss as to what to feed us that I made lists – lists for snacks, dinners, and lunches, and I referred to them often. It meant more shopping, different lists, and triple the time in the grocery store while I read the ingredient lists.

Transitioning to Gluten Free was Easier

In some ways transitioning to the gluten-free lifestyle was easier, as we were forced into it. There wasn’t much of a choice.  We were also incredibly motivated to do it- and do it 100% and do it immediately.  There was a huge sense of urgency.

The reason I’ve become rather granola-y, is from the self-taught education of our food industry (from research in the states largely – and now in Canada).  This has definitely provided the motivation. Unfortunately it was the motivation not to eat meat.  So then I was hungry.  And I was refusing to cook meat.  So we all were hungry.  Then we went to McDonalds and stuffed ourselves with horrible food.  So all this hunger has provided the urgency that I feel.

And since I need to eat – well, I’m sort of left with no choice, but to change our lifestyle.  So that’s me.

How about you?  Did you make the change?  Are you still a non-granola-y eater?  (I still love ya, but really?  REALLY?  Is that the best you can do? )

To you  and yours,


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