Bakery On Main – SALE

For my Vancouver Metro peeps, the Bakery on Main granola bars & cereals are on sale at London Drugs this week – until Wednesday, Feb. 16.  A GIANT bag of granola for $5.24.

More about Bakery on Main:

Mike and I were sent some samples of their granola and granola bars to try.  We tried Cranberry Maple Nut Granola Bars (my fave), Extreme Trail Mix Granola Bars, Fiber Power, and an assortment of Granola cereal.  First, although not the reason I loved them, they are made in a huge gluten-free facility, recently certified gluten free and kosher: every. single. batch is tested.  And secondly, they do not use refined sugar, trans fats, are cholesterol free, casein and dairy free, and low in Sodium and Saturated fats.  We all know that just because something is gluten-free doesn’t mean it is good for you (think chocolate bars and greasy potato chips), but these are both healthy & yummy & safe for the celiac.

All of the flavors are great.  Which is what I love about this brand.  The one I preferred was the cranberry maple nut, because I have a huge sweet tooth and I adore the flavor of maple mixed with sweet dried cranberries – yum!!

If you join their Eat Better Live Better club you also can get a $1.50 coupon.  Join up here.



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