5 tips for making gluten free cake trifle

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Gluten free cakes can taste better than their gluten counterparts, but there is some special care required if you’d like to use them for a typical layered trifle, like this easy recipe.  Because of the nature of gluten free baked goods, try these tips and your guests will never know that they’re eating a non-glutenous version of the favorite treat:

  1. Use the lightest gluten free cake recipe you have.  This will be so much easier when we finally get Betty Crocker gluten free mixes in Canada!  In the meantime, try this chocolate cake recipe.  Or this vanilla one.
  2. Do NOT soak the cake in alcohol or otherwise.
  3. Add the pudding or whipped cream just before serving.
  4. Dry the fruits well in advance of assembling the trifle.
  5. Assemble just before serving.

What I’m trying to say is, the cake will disintegrate if soaked.  So keep your ingredients dry.  Keep your cream whipped up separately, or better yet use well-set pudding or whipped topping instead.  Assemble all ingredients just before serving.  Add a drizzle of chocolate syrup or raspberry coulis and enjoy!

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