It’s Movie Time at General Mills!

Confession Time – I have received these coupons before in boxes, cut them out and let them sit on my counter until they expire.  I need coupon-motivation.  So here it is.  I’m gonna tell you how to do it.  Then I really will be an idiot if I don’t right?

Here are the gluten free products containing free cineplex movie coupon codes:

  • Children’s Snacks like Fruit by the Foot & Gushers (Free Child’s Admission)
  • Old El Paso Hard Taco Dinner kits (Movie Snacks)
  • Click here to redeem that – at LifeMadeDelicious

To get a Free Adult Admission, you’ll have to buy the Cheerios or other “adult” gluten-containing cereal, and redeem by Feb 29 – that’s 2 days away!!  Then from March to May, the coupon codes redeem for a Buy 1 – Get 1 Adult Admission.   Here our movie tickets are around $12, so the $3 box of cereal is a great deal, even if you give it away!

Free Children’s Admission is available on the sugary “kids” gluten-containing cereal until Feb. 29.  The gluten free Fruit by the Foot & Betty Crocker Gushers kids snacks contain a coupon code for a free buy 1 – get 1 child’s admission deal (when you purchase two products and redeem two codes).

And then get the Old El Paso kits and cut out the coupon for free popcorn or drinks!!

Happy Escaping!

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