Gluten Free Chocolate Cake – in Yellow Daisy Style!

Gluten free chocolate cake MIX – can it get any easier?

And thus allow me all the time I need to play with the icing and make it adorable.   Frosting/ icing is almost always gluten free whether store bought or made at home.

Emma turns 8 (on right)

Gluten Free Chocolate Yellow Daisy Cake

Yesterday Emma turned 8 years old.

She has always been my sunshine.

Ever since she was born, she’s the one that wants to smile.

She wants to laugh.

She sees the cup as half full.

She’s sensitive and kind.

She has a beautiful soul that emanates kindness and compassion.

She’s perceptive beyond her years.

And possesses stubborn streak that few get the privilege of meeting.

And on March 29, she turned eight!!

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake in Yellow Daisy Style

  • Gluten free Betty Crocker Devils Food Cake Mix
  • Whipped White Betty Crocker Frosting
  • Buff Icing tips
  • Buff’s Colour Spray
  • mini marshmellows

Easter Bunny Cake

Next on my list of things to try:

An Easter bunny cake by Life Made Delicious!  There are FOUR different bunny cakes you can try – all with cake mixes – all easy peasy!  Don’t forget to visit LifeMadeDelicious to support this site, and to get tons of cute, easy recipes!

More Easter Inspiration:

If you’re not on Pinterest yet – you should be!! Its heaven! Here’s a pic of my easter board for your drooling pleasure:



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  1. Ooooh, I really like the new ‘do’ for your site!! super clean and easy to navigate!!! And LOOOOVE the pic of Emma and Haley! they grow far too fast! they look so different each time we come to see y’all!!

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