Eye-Patching WORKS for kids

Emma, 7 yrs

Remember I said I would be posting more than recipes nowadays?  This is one of those times.  It has absolutely nothing to do with gluten free food or food in general.  Other than Emma eats.  As do I.

I have to tell you this so you’ll tell your friends and your friends will tell friends ad nauseum.  My Emma was 65/20 in her right eye four short months ago.  And that was WITH her glasses on.  And it was as good as it was going to get.  So the Ophthalmologist suggested patching.  Actually she did more than suggest, she ridiculed (under her breath) the optometrist who didn’t suggest patching 16 months ago.  The old wisdom stated that after age five patching would do no good.  The new research shows that eyes can work at getting better up to 18 years old – with some studies suggesting even later.

The good news?

She is now 25/20 vision in that eye!  Thanks to patching for four months.  Three hours a day.  Its so worth the hassle!

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In 2007 Cathy's Hubby was diagnosed with celiac disease and Strawberries Are Gluten Free was born. The early days of SAGF are chock full of all the newly converted recipes. More recently the articles are trending to cool new products, events, local news and family tales.


  1. Oh, this is cool. My mother did this with me when I was a kid, except I had a black patch…looked just like a pirate True story Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather

  2. THanks for stopping by Heather! I’m so proud of her – no whining about it at all (almost)!

  3. awww! what a trooper! and that is just so GREAT to hear Cathy! So does she get to toss her glasses? or not quite yet? that is super cool! It’s hard to believe that we don’t hear of this more!!

  4. Oh no… thats 25/20 WITH glasses. Plus, I love her with glasses!

  5. me too!! she is so cute and smart looking with the glasses! <3 cant wait to see you guys this summer!!

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